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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Apa Maknanya Pelayanan PS Gereja ?

What is a Worship Leading Choir ?

I recently received the following article by Dave Williamson that expresses points of worship very well:
"We all know what a choir is. And most of us know what worship leading is when we see it. But what do we mean by the term, "Worship Leading Choir?" Don't all church choirs lead worship? The answer is, yes and no! Yes, in the sense that every "living sacrifice" offered by the believer is an act of worship, and every time any choir of believers sing about God in spirit and truth it's an act of worship. But no, in the sense that, until our hearts, minds and spirits are fully engaged in passionately glorifying Jesus in the congregation so it's members are drawn with us into an encounter with the living God, worship leading hasn't fully happened. The worldwide form todays choirs are beginning to take on is a departure from much of the "traditional" aspects we have come to recognize.
*The emerging choir isn't primarily about performance: it's primarily about worship.
*It's not about being slick; it's about passion.
*It's not about acquaintanceship; it's about family.
*It's not about momentary emotion; it's about eternal significance.
*It's not about competition; it's about servanthood.
*It doesn't view talent as primary; it views character and faithfulness as primary.
The Worship Leading Choir stands before a congregation as a well-schooled, unified battalion, locking arms to come both humbly and boldly into God's presence, realizing every word that enthrones Jesus dethrones the enemy. When it sings, it's not to impress, but inspire. Its audience isn't the congregation, but together with the congregation, their joint audience is God Himself. Its members may sing music that's traditional or contemporary, black or white (or somewhere in between). They may be young, old, or both. They may wear robes, suits, or jeans. They may offer musicals, cantatas, oratorios or worship concerts. They understand their calling, and are passionate about fulfilling it. They may be described as "ushers" - for their task is to usher people into an encounter with God."
There is an open and standing invitation for you to join the PSBC Adult Choir. The only requirement is a willing heart and a good attitude. We have a good fellowship in the Adult Choir, and enjoy getting to praise and serve the Lord through the music He has blessed us with.
Bro. Mark Fawcett, Music Minister

(maaf, belum sempat diterjemahkan)

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